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LaEnn Tschose

The main charater of the series who is looking for love. She has a bit of trouble getting one though because she is a little timid.

Kendrick Tschose

The son of the main character. He enjoys easing into adult conversations, but hates when others get into his personal conversations. He loves the ladies and the ladies love him.

Jahler Karitsu

The love interest in Deception. He is a hard working waiter that hopes to soon meet his love. He's had many women, but they were never substantual or faithful.

Jessie Snooza

Jesse is Jahler's friend. He's from America and is more easy-going. He doesn't really care what happens, he just 'does'. He hasn't reach that part in his life where he wants to stand for something.

Shaneekwa Iquan

The main character's best friend. She is also someone trying to find her love. But at any cost.

Makayla Screen

The daughter of Jaira and niece of Shaneekwa. Makayla started living with her Aunt 3 years before they moved to Japan. Her grandparents felt it was best. But deep inside she longs to have her mother take care of her.

Doushite Lanoon

Manoon's sister. She's just a care-free girl who just 'does'. She's at a point where nothing really matters. She hasn't reached that point where she wants to stand for somthing and leave an impact.

Manoon Lanoon

A man whose objective is to score every girl he can and get some of their money while he's at it. But deep down inside, he's looking for the right woman.

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